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Bremen Tanner Health Walk


Get Healthy; Live Well- brought to you by Tanner Health Systems and the City of Bremen. A one mile walking tour for your health and history begins at City Hall. You will pass the Sewell Mill Textile Museum, and then continue around to some of the oldest homes still standing in Bremen. Bremen is also part of the West Georgia Textile Trail, and several markers are located along the route to tell some of the textile stories.


The City of Bremen has a rich history of textiles and railroads. In the early 20th Century, Bremen became a shipping hub for raw materials and products that were moving through the Southeast. The railroad running east to west and north to south was a distinct logistical advantage.


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Tallapoosa Historic Home
Tallapoosa Historic Home
Tallapoosa Historic Home
Tallapoosa Historic Home
Tallapoosa Historic Home

Tallapoosa Historic Homes Walking Trail

Tallapoosa, the Creek Indian word meaning “golden river”, was incorporated in 1860 on land once inhabited by the Creek Indians. In the early years, land was cultivated and gold was panned; then in 1882 the railroad came to Tallapoosa and the industrial boom started. People from many northern states, as well as Europe, came to visit, to live, and to enjoy the medicinal water of the Lithia Springs. The population quickly grew to nearly 3,000 with the industrial boom. Tallapoosa boasted the first free public school in Georgia, and the largest wooden hotel east of the Mississippi River.

The Lithia Springs Hotel was located on Boulevard at Decatur Street. It was completed in 1892, and was later dismantled in 1942 because of deterioration. The copper roof was used by the U.S. Navy, and many homes in Tallapoosa were constructed out of the heart pine lumber. The furniture was also distributed among local residents.

You will find a large replica of the hotel as well as artifacts at the West Georgia Museum of Tallapoosa. Enjoy a walk through the historic homes in Tallapoosa, GA.


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Download Trail Map:


Tallapoosa Veterans Park
Tallapoosa Veterans Park
Tallapoosa Veterans Park
Tallapoosa Veterans Park
Tallapoosa Veterans Park

A Veteran's Park Driving Tour

Enjoy a veteran's park driving tour from Carroll County, GA to the Tennessee line. You will find memorials reflecting local themes that display medals, uniforms, weapons, vehicles, aircraft and other items that span the time from the Revolutionary War through the Gulf War.  Some parks feature a wall or a walkway of engraved bricks bearing the names of service men and women, and/or flags for the branches of military service/monuments.

The greenspace provided honors and memorializes all U.S. veterans of each local area, both living and deceased, and any date of service.


Bremen Textile Trail at Sewell Mill
West GA Textile Heritage Trail Logo
Bremen Textile Trail at Hwy 78

West Georgia Textile Trail

In 1928, brothers Robert, Roy, and Warren Sewell moved their growing apparel company from Atlanta to Bremen. The brothers were drawn to the community by the crossing of two railroads: the intersection of two U.S. highways, and a good supply of labor. Other clothing producers, such as New York based Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc., also built apparel plants in Bremen during the late 1920s. Both companies expanded operations several times in the coming decades; building plants in nearby Buchanan, Bowdon, Temple, Douglasville, and Rome, Georgia, as well as Heflin, Alabama.


The success of the Sewells spawned numerous other clothing manufacturers in Bremen, including the Hubbard Pants Company (1935), the Warren Sewell Clothing Company (1945), The Ray Sewell Company (1955), and the Worley-Sewell Company (1963), among others. During the industry’s peak in the 1970s, some 2,500 Bremen area residents, most of whom were women, worked in the city’s apparel plants. The apparel industry boomed, reaching its height of production in the 1970s and 1980s, when this region became known as the “Clothing Center of the South.”

Visit www.WestGATextileTrail.com for maps!


Scenic Byway
Scenic Byway
Scenic Byway

Haralson County's Local Scenic Byways


Ever wonder what happened to the lazy Sunday afternoons when there was nothing to do but take a drive through the country just to get out the house for a while? Haralson County has some of those roads you can drive down to forget the work week, and travel back to a bygone era. The roads are quiet and peaceful and reminiscent of grandma’s days. They are rough in places, but the quiet drive is worth it. The roads do not connect for a trail, but you can drive them together, or one at a time. Come back with your friends and family and experience this drive during the changing seasons.



Pine Grove Road is located off Highway 78 near Tallapoosa, and it connects Highway 120. It is 2.4 miles long with a variety of Pine and Cedar trees lining the road. Drive with your windows open on a hot summer day, and you can smell the fragrance of the pine and cedar needles. The residents take pride in the maintenance of their lawns, and it always seems someone is out to wave hello. 



Jacksonville Road is just west of Buchanan, and it travels northwest to Highway 100 in Tallapoosa. It is 6.9 miles long and has open farmland with cattle grazing lazily in the pastures. Watch for cyclists, as the Georgia Bike route 130 travels along Jacksonville Road. Slow down and take your time to enjoy this pristine, lazy meander through the country side. Drive past Free Country Farms, organic sustainable farming, and Joe Griffith's cattle farm where you can enjoy watching the cattle graze without a care in the world. While in Buchanan, tour the Historic courthouse and enjoy lunch at Los Cowboys Mexican Restaurant, or at Gwen’s Family Restaurant. You can also check out the Little Creek one-room school house located on Van Wert Street one block north of the Historic County Courthouse, and view the School House Quilt pattern that is a part of the Southern Quilt Trail.


Steadman Rd is north of Tallapoosa just off Highway 100 and runs north/south and parallel to Highway 100. It is 10.7 miles long. Beginning at the south end you will find Bridge’s West Georgia Golf Company - it serves not only the local area, but is frequented by customers from throughout the Southeast and the nation. Bridges® Custom Fit Golf Clubs have been professionally fit & assembled in Tallapoosa, Georgia since 1983. This road is a constant uphill/downhill drive with winding curves at every point. Steadman Road is also a bicycle route (#103) and a challenging one at that. You will see cattle and horse farms spread throughout the drive. See if you can find the large Guitar placed in the front yard of a private residence (please be respectful of the property owners). You will pass Backwoods Restaurant, an excellent facility for dinner; open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Rounding out, you will find Steadman Farms where you might see a corn maze if it is in season.



Monroe Mill is north of Buchanan and travels east/west off Highway 27. The road is 5.8 miles long, and begins parallel to the railroad tracks on the east side. This pine tree-lined, narrow drive opens to fields of cattle farms, and is home to one of the largest cedar trees in the county! Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, with a small graveyard, is also along this road. Feel free to stop rest and meander through the grave sites to stretch your legs.



East Poplar Spring Road travels east/west and is 3.7 miles long. On the east end is the Poplar Spring Church and graveyard. There are several C.S.A. soldiers, as well as many other veterans’ gravesites, located at this cemetery. This pine tree lined road travels through the hillside with cattle farms and river bottoms to keep your mind free. Watch for the night hawk perched on the utility lines searching the fields for mice. You will cross the Tallapoosa River access site on Poplar Springs, and see the old iron bridge long out of service. This is one of the favorite spots for paddlers' photos.



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